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by HM Kristensen 2021 Cited by 15 This issue examines the status of the US nuclear arsenal.. The 22-year-old USS Columbia (CV-29) was launched on 31 August 1945 in the yard of the Kaiser Wilhelm 67Collagen-Induced Arthritides: A Novel Medical Condition. Collagen-induced arthritis is a relapsing, inflammatory arthritis initiated by the injection of bovine type II collagen into the susceptible species, in which arthritis is induced by the injection of homologous bovine type II collagen into the same species. Collagen-induced arthritis in the Lewis rat is an attractive model of arthritis in humans, since, in contrast to other experimental models, arthritis is induced by a single immunization. Collagen-induced arthritis in the Lewis rat can be induced by either homologous (CIA) or heterologous (CIAH) rat type II collagen. The CIA model has advantages over other available arthritis models in that it is easy to induce, less susceptible to strain variation, and is associated with an autoantigen that is a relatively rare cause of arthritis in humans. Although the pathogenesis of CIA in the Lewis rat is associated with an autoimmune response, it is also clear that other mechanisms are involved. The interaction between these mechanisms, both in the initiation and perpetuation of CIA, remain to be defined.-state and the temperature dependence of this dependence was also found. This result is in agreement with the theoretical prediction. Another important result is that the time scale of the $ au$ relaxation is related to the energy barrier of the activation process of the defect. The inverse $ au$ versus $T^{ -2}$ scaling in the short time range is consistent with the idea that the defect is a random walker on the lattice and this process is governed by diffusion. These results allow us to consider our results as a tracer of the defect dynamics in a three-dimensional random network, where the defect has the same dynamical properties as the vacancy in amorphous Si. We thank C. M. Marques and J. F. Ribeiro for helpful discussions. This work has been partially supported by CAPES (Brasil) and FAPESP (São Paulo, Brasil). [99]{} J. W. Cahn and J. E. Taylor, Phys. Rev. Lett. [**28**]{



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