el sistema de salud

The problem 

The current health crisis has led us to realize how urgent is the change in our systems all around the world. Chile is not an exception and technology has the potential to challenge the status quo and contribute to a transformation that goes beyond incremental improvements.


The aim of Movimiento Salud 2030 is to have an impact at a system level by bringing all sectors to collaborate. Based on our solution framework, we have taken Data Science and Digital Solutions as a starting point for Chile considering the high growth of technology solutions and the potential for implementation given the institutional interest to increase the use of data in decision making.

Data Science

Digital Solutions 

A holistic approach to healthcare requires real-time access and integration of multiple data sources along the patient journey. Smart data integration, advanced analytics and automation have the potential to break down barriers, multiply and augment  the capabilities of healthcare systems.

Our journey

We established a partnership between CENS (Centro Nacional de Sistemas de Información en Salud), the INT (Instituto Nacional De Torax), Endeavour and Roche. 


We invited high growth startups to co.create with the network a solution that would not only cover the patient experience but transform as well processes inside the INT. 


An open innovation approach allowed us to develop a solution that can be scalable to similar healthcare institutions.

Our solution


Entrepreneurs worked together with the INT and CENS in the integration of their solutions to impact the overall experience of patients, specialists, nurses, and administrative personnel. The solution is a platform that integrates patients’ data from diagnosis to recovery, creating a constant communication flow that keeps actors connected and contributes to clinical decision-making while reducing administrative tasks.

The pilots

Child at the Doctor
Patient Hospital Interaction

A virtual assistant will accompany the patient throughout the journey.

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Doctor on a Computer
HCPs Diagnosis Support

A digital platform will allow consolidating all clinical assets from a patient and will make them available to be reviewed by the medical board increasing effective collaboration

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Image by Ani Kolleshi
Patient Management

A platform will allow to track the patient throughout the experience and manage it ensuring good timing for individual cases and bottlenecks in the care provided to all patients. It allows to standardize processes and monitor patients at all times.

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Meet the entrepreneurs

Ver nuestros documentos de investigación

Obtén más información sobre el problema y la creación de los desafíos en los siguientes documentos.

Mapas de Ruta del Paciente

El desafío de Colombia se centra en dos enfermedades crónicas: el cáncer de mama y la esclerosis múltiple. Hemos creado mapas sobre la ruta del paciente desde el diagnóstico previo hasta el tratamiento y la coexistencia con su enfermedad.

Retos de Innovación en Colombia

Lea más sobre cada uno de los tres desafíos de innovación en nuestro tablero público miro. Puede elegir cualquiera de estos tres para resolverlo cuando solicite el desafío de innovación abierta.

Informe de investigación sobre la continuidad de la atención

Descarga nuestro informe de investigación completo sobre el estado de la continuidad de la atención en Colombia. Encontramos 8 áreas de oportunidad relacionadas con puntos críticos de la ruta del paciente y creemos que ya están listas para una innovación sistémica.

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